Zaw Ali at Chill Karo with Sara Baloch - A Day to Remember

We all know Zaw Ali for making headlines from her very first performance in Coke Studio Season 10 with her father and one of Pakistan's all time greats, Sajjad Ali. Since moving to Pakistan, Zaw is quite active in the music industry and she has also performed at the 23rd March Parade in Islamabad. 

Singer-songwriter Zaw Ali singing live at Chill Karo with Sara Baloch on Samaa FM

Recently, Zaw has released two original songs; Pehchana and Jeena with Shuja Haider. Both songs are terrific to say the least and have a unique sound. The singer-songwriter is currently busy in promoting her new songs. 

When it comes to new releases, there's one platform that actively promotes them. Yes, we are talking about Chill Karo with Sara Baloch. Chill Karo with Sara Baloch is a popular radio show of Samaa FM hosted by Sara Baloch. The show is quite popular among the musicians because it is the only platform that airs and promotes new songs. Sara Baloch should be credited for seeking out new releases every week to play on her show.  

Watching the proceedings of a Radio Shows from the studio is an entirely different experience. The way Sara Baloch carries the entire show is exceptional. Her unparalleled energy is what makes the show joyful inside the studio and on the radio. 

What we felt during the show was how well Sara Baloch tries to bring out the answers to questions that artists don't frequently share on social media. She is more inclined towards the journey of the artist and the sources from where they derive their inspiration from for a particular song. And she is able to do that by making the artists comfortable with her friendly aura and charming personality. This one reason makes her show worth listening. 

Zaw Ali and Sara Baloch during Chill Karo with Sara Baloch at Samaa FM

Coming to the show, it was an experience of a lifetime. Listening Zaw Ali live was a treat to the ears. She is a star in her own. Her innate ability to sing with ease left us all in awe of her brilliance. A film journalist turned filmmaker and now a full-fledged singer, Zaw is someone to watch out for in the coming years. It is evident that she will carve her own legacy, which would definitely be close to her father's, if not surpass it.