Xulfi Confirmed as the Producer of Coke Studio Season 14

Just in: Coke Studio has confirmed Zulfiqar Jabbar Khan a.k.a. Xulfi as the producer for Coke Studio Season 14. 

Famed composer and musician, Xulfi has been confirmed as the producer for Coke Studio Season 14.
The news broke like wildfire and music listeners as well as the music fraternity is calling it a wise move for the popular music show. 

Earlier this year in March, Rohail Hyatt confirmed that he is stepping down from Coke Studio as its producer. He also named Xulfi to be the perfect fit for the role as his successor. 

Since long, music fans have wanted Xulfi to take over Coke Studio and produce the same magic that he does in Nescafe Basement. The wishes have finally come true and we expect Coke Studio to rise to the same level that it should have been at this stage. 

Xulfi has also confirmed this news on Instagram. Xulfi has already produced Nescafé Basement, PSL anthem, and many such hits. He has also produced music for Coke Studio like Asma ul Husna and more. Xulfi is also a famed guitarist for Entity Paradigm and The Band Call.