Farewell Farhad Humayun - Pakistan May Never See Someone Like You Ever

I was hoping at some point that the perfect words would come to me, but the truth is I still can’t even come to terms with reality on this one. My heart is so broken. I loved Farhad Humayun. He was truly all the great things everyone has already said he is and if you ever met him you’d have known it in an instant.

He was a loving person, a kind soul, and a caring friend. He was a grinder too, man. Passionate and thoughtful. Smart and funny. Dude had an infectious laugh and was such a shit stirrer. He was a person I looked forward to...and it kills me to know I’ll never be able to do that again...

Back in 2013 (during my clinical depression days), I got to listen "Jeet", which was released on the 10th Anniversary of Overload. This was the song that got me emotionally and spiritually connected to Overload, and Farhad Sir. Luckily, I got to meet him after some years at Levi's Live, courtesy of Uzma Rao. That’s where we really got to know each other, and the rest is all history.

I’ll always love him for introducing me to the positive side of life. He even invited me to his home a number of times to share stories of his beloved father, Mr. Shahzad Humayun, and how he often sees him with open eyes. 

No matter how many times I messaged him, he would always reply with so much kindness that reflected from all his words. I will never forget how you used to give me a call every now and then and said "Kesa hai tu pyare, yar aja kabhi." 

And I am smiling so big as I am remembering all this good stuff, fighting back tears. I thought writing this would just be all crying and sadness, but it is impossible to remember Farhad Sir without laughing. He was just a light of good energy. 

I looked up to Farhad Sir. Not just because he was a genius of a musician, but because of how he was as a human being. And as I venture into those realms myself now, I really hope I can carry a bit of him with me. I hope I can be to my family even a little of what he was to his.

Love you, Farhad Sir. Miss you already!