Annural Khalid Biography

Annural Khalid is a Pakistani singer and social media influencer. Based in Islamabad, Pakistan, Annural Khalid rose to fame by singing cover songs and posting them to her Instagram page that has now over 128K+ followers. 

Annural Khalid is a Pakistani singer and influencer. Read Annural Khalid's complete biography on Musicians of Pakistan.

Annural defines herself as, "An art/music driven, aspiring designer is what I’d describe myself as. I am open to all kinds of opportunities when it comes to working, as long as they contribute in polishing my skills and ultimately impart to the society in a positive way"

Annural Khalid has recently released her debut song Dil De Bol with Toshi. The music video is right here: 

Annural Khalid has recently featured in Shamoon Ismail's new album Scars and Screws. She has performed the song Promises with the singer. The audio version of the song is posted here.

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