Sanya Shahzad Biography

Sanya Shahzad is a Pakistani musician, singer-songwriter, composer, and filmmaker. Hailing from the capital city of Pakistan, Sanya Shahzad is currently based in London for her studies. She has previously graduated from the Royal Holloway, School of London as a film student. Sanya started her musical journey from Nescafe Basement Season 4. 

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Life & Career 

Born in Islamabad on March 3, 1997, Sanya Shahzad is a multitalented musician and knows how to play different instruments including guitar, bass, ukulele, cajon, and piano. She has performed at various shows including Levi's Live, produced by Farhad Humayun


Sanya Shahzad has released several singles and an EP comprising of 4 songs. 


  • Tiptoeing 
  • My Love 
  • Who Do You Blame 
  • Little Bear
  • Capsize 
  • To Your Heart 

Nescafe Basement 

  • Love Me Again (John Newman Cover) 

Read Sanya Shahzad's biography on Musicians of Pakistan.

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