Natasha Baig ruled 2020 with 20 songs

2020 was a rough year for everyone. The music industry, in particular, seemed to have suffered the most as all the live performances halted for the major part of the year and even today, the activities have not revived completely. 

In all of this chaotic situation, famed singer Natasha Baig has come out a warrior in true sense. Things got worse when her studio was completely destroyed due to the 2020 Karachi flood rains. However, even that was not enough to stop her. Despite all these setbacks, Natasha released not one, not two but twenty original songs including an album Zariya

Natasha Baig has released 20 original songs in 2020. Truly the singer of the year!

“2020 was a huge test for all of us, my faith was shaken and just like a phoenix, it kept rising again and again,” said Natasha in a social media post. 

Speaking of Natasha Baig, she typically sings in Sufi genre using big, wide acoustic instruments to accompany her beautifully soaring voice. Her songs feel very open and connected to nature. This time, we got to see her versatility as a singer; courtesy of her releases with Laal Series and BigFoot Music. 

Natasha also uses many folk sounds, drawing influences from the great Abida Parveen. This is especially prominent in her song, “Mushkil Kusha" featuring Ayaz Ismail. 

As we have stepped foot in 2021 and things are finally improving, we are hoping to listen more from Natasha Baig. What she has in store for us? We'll keep our fingers crossed. Till then, let's enjoy this 2020 Rewind from the mighty vocalist!