Catching Up with Zainab Haya Pasha

It does not happen everyday when you hear a new voice and fell in love with it to an extent where it keeps vibrating in your ears for the entire day. Having such an extraordinary voice, Zainab Haya Pasha made her debut last year with an original song, Baarish. Hailing from Islamabad, Zainab - a singer-songwriter, dancer, model, and actor - has the voice of the dawn. Although she has just one single to her name as of now, the singer is aiming to release more music this year. 

Zainab Haya Pasha is a Pakistani singer-songwriter, composer, dancer, actor, and artist from Islamabad.

We got in touch with Zainab for a quick interview to talk about her musical journey, new music future plans, and more. 

How did your musical journey start? 

Music has always been a part of me. Everyone always told me to start writing my own music and last year, I finally did. It just happened. I was told someone needed a demo of a female vocalist. I'd never done anything like it before but I managed to write it in 3 hours and that's how it started. I wrote and it came to life over a period of 4 months. That's how it began.

How did you find your sound? Was it a conscious search for you or an unconscious evolution?

I've not yet found my sound. I think that I relate to indie and and soft rock more as a vocalist but I wouldn't confine myself to a specific genre just as yet. I'm new and I'm still exploring what my sound can be.

Being a musician, what are the obstacles that you have to face on a regular basis? 

Musicians do tend to struggle a lot but I've not yet had to for which I am very grateful. I believe that everything happens with the natural flow and I've left my success to that. For me, it's mostly just about making music that sounds good to me and having a great time doing it

Please tell us about your debut song Baarish. Where did the inspiration come from? 

Baarish is the first ever song I wrote. The inspiration is clearly the name of the song itself. The song is about my love for rain and how it makes me feel. It came so naturally to me and made me fall in love with the rain even more.

You have made a promising start. When is your new music coming?

I'm working on a few songs and I can't wait to release them.

As a musician, how do you wish to explore the versatility in you? What genres do you wish to sing? 

I like singing all sorts of genres and I think I'll keep growing and learning more and more. Again, I would never confine myself to one particular genre!

You are very vocal on social issues. Do you wish to use music as a medium to highlight such issues or are you happy to express yourself on the social media only? 

I would love to talk about social issues in my music and everything else I do as well. When you have a platform, you should use it not only for yourself but also to voice issues that people usually don't talk about. In fact I was being funny and working on a song which was about one such issue but it was all subtle and humourous.

A lot of music shows are now happening in Pakistan. Which one is your personal favourite? 

I think that NMX Bajao is doing a great job with all the amazing Pakistani content and fresh faces. I don't usually watch many shows but I definitely enjoy this particular channel.

Where do you see yourself as a musician in the next 5 years? 

I honestly have no idea where I'll be in the next 5 years but I only hope and pray it's some place nice and my journey from now till then is amazing.

Zainab Haya Pasha is a Pakistani musician and singer from Islamabad. Read Zainab's interview on Musicians of Pakistan.

Can you name 3 of your musical inspirations from Pakistan? 

Nazia Hasan, Strings, Faris Shafi. I can't even explain these choices but it is what it is.

What are the good and not-so-good things of being Zainab Haya?

I think my friends and family would answer this question better if asked about what the good and not so good things about me are.

Please give a message for your fans. 

I sometimes don't believe I even have fans because it's a strange concept to me. For the ones I have, I'm grateful and I hope you stick with me till the end!