Awaz – The Pop Trio from the 90s We Miss the Most

If we talk about the iconic bands of the country, it would be highly unfair to skip Awaz – the pop trio from Pakistan who became the first band from South Asia to appear on MTV in 1992. Awaz, undoubtedly, was a pioneer band of the local pop music scene comprising of Haroon Rashid, Faakhir Mehmood, and Asad Ahmed. The band gained instant fame because of their catchy tunes, good looks, and crazy stage performances. Having sold more than 2 million albums worldwide, Awaz is also one of the most successful bands in Pakistan. 

Awaz is a Pakistani pop band comprising of Haroon, Faakhir, and Asad Ahmed.

The band shot to fame with the release of their debut album ‘Awaz’ in 1993 and when their second album Jadoo Ka Charagh came out in 1995, they were literally all over the place – posters, magazines, newspapers, media, everybody seemed to be caught in the fever of Awaz. Awaz capitalized on their popularity with a third studio album Shola that included their biggest hit Mr. Fraudiay. This was the exact album that included their signature song Ay Jawaan – a national song without which our Independence Day celebrations are incomplete. 

Despite immense success and appreciation from the audience at large, the band split and the members went on to pursue solo careers. All the three members of Awaz gained a lot of fame in their solo careers and produced some of the finest songs in the history of Pakistani music industry. What’s fascinating is that even after so many years, the members are still asked about a possible reunion. 

At the time when Awaz appeared on the mainstream, the industry was ruled by bands like Vital Signs and Junoon. These three bands went on to write a glorious chapter in the history books of the music industry. However, Awaz isn’t given the credit that they thoroughly deserve. Not a lot of people talk about them the same way they talk about Junoon and Vital Signs, which is sad. Their songs are still very much relevant today and a lot of young musicians cover them to test their skills. 

If Junoon can make a comeback, why not Awaz? If the reunion happens, it would be grand just like millions of Awaz fans, it would be a dream-come-true for us as well.