Sun Zara | Aag is Back in Business & There's No Stopping Them Now

From getting selected in Coke Studio and not being aired for an unknown reason and getting rejected in Pepsi Battle of the Bands unfairly for having a small lineup, Aag's musical journey is filled with peaks and valleys but is an inspiration in itself. After a hiatus, the Harbinger of rock music in Pakistan have made a grand entry to VELO Sound Station with a latest release, Sun Zara. 

Aag's Sun Zara in Velo Sound Station is making waves across the country.

Sun Zara marked a perfect return of Aag to the mainstream with a retro pop/electronic sound. We are accustomed of seeing Usman Sheikh behind the drums but this time, he surprised us with synths. Haroon, like always, was magical with his soulful vocals. 

There was an immense anticipation amongst fans across the nation for the comeback song of the brother duo. The wait paid off highly because not only has Aag performed in VELO Sound Station but they are also one of the producers of this season. 

The Band Aag is back in business with Velo Sound Station.

The same band that was not considered fit for PBOB, is also producing some of those judges now. Not to forget, they also played alongside Meesha Shafi (one of the judges in PBOB) in this season. That's how mysteriously the divine force plays. But it raises some serious questions as to why true talent is not promoted or given the due credit in Pakistan? We often question the public for having some strange choices but at the same time there are some big names who do whatever they can to suppress talented people. Who is to be blamed here? Well, let the audience decide! 

Strings and Bilal Maqsood in particular, should be credited for acknowledging Aag's potential and bringing them as the producers and performers in this season. The way he showed his trust in them, would have been a huge confidence booster for the band. 

VELO Sound Station is the kind of platform that deserves a band like Aag, not just as performers but producers also and their production work for Abdullah Qureshi, Sajjad Ali, and Strings authenticates it further. 

Aag has once again left us all astounded with their breathtaking performance that speaks volumes of their unrivaled potential. What more do they have in store for us? Only time will tell but one thing is for sure, they are here to stay for long and leave a legacy of their own.

Life is not a bed of roses and the journey to success is always full of thorns and broken glasses, but that does not mean that you should give up. All those who want to achieve big in life should always get motivated from people like Haroon & Usman Sheikh. Their story serves as a rule book for all of us!