4 Upcoming Female Musicians You Should Watch Out For

Hadiqa Kiani, Aima Baig, Sara Haider, and Natasha Khan, just to name a few - Pakistani female singers have made us all dance to their tunes. Their unparalleled fame has left many believing that they are the only names to carry the torch. However, there is a bunch of exciting upcoming female artists serving up killer work and knocking down barriers to the mainstream. 

Here we bring you a list of four young, talented Pakistani female musicians you should hear right now. 

Annural Khalid

Annural Khalid is a Pakistani singer and influencer from Islamabad.

The first in the list is Annural Khalid - the Instagram sensation who has left all and sundry in awe of her beautiful voice. Based in Islamabad, Annural Khalid sings cover songs with just a guitar. The effortless charm and the depth of her voice has got her the acknowledgment of many prominent personalities including Asim Azhar, Mahira Khan, and more. Though she's not very active in uploading covers, she's definitely someone to look forward to. 

Meraal Hassan 

Meraal Hassan is an upcoming female  Pakistani singer.

Like mother like daughter - Meraal Hassan comes from a musical family. Her mother Nazia Zuberi Hassan herself is an accomplished musician and it is evident where she got the inspiration from. In such a young age, Meraal has sung various jingles and she also appeared in Kashan Admani's global collaboration song for hope, We Are One/Aae Khuda. With so much to her credit already, we are keen to see where she goes from here. 

Aisha Ijlal 

Aisha Ijlal is a Pakistani female singer.

Winner of Idol Online, Aisha Ijlal has a voice like the morning sun. She sings beautiful cover songs using her voice as an instrument mostly. Each song that she posts on her social media harnesses her unique singing style more effectively than ever and ascertains that she doesn't need flashy hooks or loud vocal runs to prove her power. Ijlal is poised, flaunting her contentedness with as much grace as humanly possible. The stage is set and we only need to see what she achieves in her career.   

Alishba Kazi 

Alishba Kazi is a young Pakistani female drummer.

Drumming has always been a male-dominated activity. There’s also unfortunately been a stereotype surrounding women drummers having a lack of musical ability. Alishba Kazi is one of the most remarkable young talents we have in the country at present and she has worked hard to break down the stigma of women drummers – knowing musicality has nothing to do with gender! As of late, she has not been very active but let's hope something is cooking at her end.