We Are One - A Message of Hope and Togetherness

When was the last time did we see someone talk about bringing people together? Ever since COVID-19 broke out, people have become socially distant and faced the aftermaths of being isolated as well in the shape of mental distress and anxiety. In such an appalling condition, we needed something to make us all feel connected even with the physical distances and nothing could have been better than music. 

We Are One

Famed music producer and guitarist Kashan Admani, who is also one of the only two music producers from Pakistan who are acknowledged by Wikipedia, has released a global collaboration song, "We Are One/Aae Khuda" to inspire hope among people and give them a message of unity, togetherness, and social harmony. Not just for COVID-19, as other events continue to unfold in the world like George Flyod's unfortunate incident, this song is becoming more and more relevant. 

We Are One features 40 musicians from 7 countries including Pakistan, India, United States of America, Brazil, United Kingdom, Canada, and Russia. The strong lineup of international musicians include Grammy Award winning violinist Charlie Bisharat, legendary drummer Simon Phillips, one of the top bassists in the world Stu Hamm, renowned percussionist Gumbi Ortiz, Luiza Prochet of The Voice Kids fame, iconic guitar player Roman Miroshnichenko, the face of India's pop/rock music Dr. Palash Sen )(Euphoria), Lili Caseley, and Taylor Simpson. 

Top Pakistani musicians in the likes of pop icon Faakhir, legendary Najam Sheraz; founder of the loudest band in Pakistan, Farhad Humayun; Pakistan's first qualified female audio engineer Natasha Khan, sufi rock singer Natasha Baig, Raafay Israr, Farooq Ahmed (Aaroh), Bilal Ali (Kashmir - The Band), Dino Ali, Maha Ali Kazmi, Asad Rasheed (Mizmaar), Meraal Hassan, Nida Hussain, Khaled Anam, Ali Khan, Fahad Ahmed, Amir Azhar, Alex Shahbaz, Ammar Khaled, Omran Shafique, Imran Akhoond, Ahsan Bari, Aashir Wajahat, Eahab Akhtar, Sabir Zafar, Faisal Malik, Salwa Najam, and Babar Shaikh also feature in this song. 

All the participating artists as well as other greats of the industry have praised the song including Bilal Maqsood, Xulfi, and Shani Arshad, just to name a few. 

Speaking about the song, Kashan Admani said, Covid-19 has changed the way we used to live our lives. Millions of people are getting hopeless due to the economic crisis and social isolation. The only thing that can keep their spirits uplifted is music. 
We Are One/Aae Khuda is for all of us — the global population affected by the pandemic. It is about giving hope to people and giving them a message that we are all in it together and we shall come out of it sooner or later.” 

“It was a wonderful experience working on this project because musicians from all over the world joined in and all of them have a completely different sound. Using them all together was a challenge but a memorable experience. This is one-of-a-kind project initiated in Pakistan and I’m glad we’ve been able to pull it off,” he added.