Raafay Israr’s Wajah Kia Thi is Winning Hearts Once Again

There's something extraordinary about Raafay Israr that whenever he releases a song, expectations rise higher for the next one. What leaves the fans ecstatic is how well he surprises them every time with his prowess and creativity. Earlier this year, his song "Wajah Kya Thi" was released and people from all over the world poured their heart out for the singer and the concept of the song that depicts a very sad reality of the society of how wrong decisions for life partners are made based on status, caste, and other factors.  

Raafay Israr has released the unplugged version of his song Wajah Kya Thi with Patari.

After receiving such an amazing response, Raafay Israr has released an unplugged version of the song Wajah Kya Thi in collaboration with Patari. Composed and written by Raafay himself, the unplugged version of the song kicks off with flute while Raafay taking the center stage with slow piano harmonizing in the background. This unplugged arrangement has allowed Raafay to dig deep and bring out the unsettling emotion of the song that is resonating more with the fans. On top of that, the performance based video of the song gives a grand vibe, more like a celebration of success the song has garnered. 

Most of the instruments in the song are recorded live and some of the musicians that are featured in the song are Rahat Inayat, Ammar Khaled Anam, Mohsin Ali Khan, Nabeel Ur Rehman, Yaseen Farooqi, Reham Rafiq, and Yasal Zehra. 

Speaking exclusively to us, Raafay Israr said, "Would just like to thank my listeners who made Wajah Kia Thi such a special song for me and given so much love to it in a small span of time. Its time now to check out the unplugged version which everyone has been requesting. I've worked on it with all my heart and I hope people will like this version as well."

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