Saima Zakir - Shredding the Stereotypes

No more is the guitar a boys only club, and it’s about time we celebrate and recognise the unorthodox. Yes, there are some exceptional female guitarists in Pakistan, but not all of them have delved into the world of attaining a firm command and control over the electric guitar in multiple music genres. Especially when it comes to the combination of soulful, clean, and creamy rich distortion tones with a fresh and hip fretboard perspective that would end up becoming a trademark sound.

Saima Zakir is a Pakistani musician and female pioneer of electric guitar playing in the country.

However, this time around, we would LOVE to introduce you all to someone who is not just breaking the stereotype but setting an example for young girls who fancy picking up the instrument. Without further ado, let's introduce you to Saima Zakir.

Saima Zakir 

Saima Zakir weaves fantastic spells with her evocative phrasing, stunning technique, and melodic sensibility, and everything is wrapped in a style that almost simultaneously embraces classical, country, rock, jazz, and world music. Zakir is a force of nature. Sitting quietly, slightly hunched over her guitar, eyes closed, oblivious to all but the music in her head, she would unleash whirlwinds of melodies, licks, riffs, and single-note lines—often within the same solo section.

A true artist does not rely on expensive equipment but the soul actually lies in the emotion being conveyed through music. This is exactly how Saima operates from a basic rig and believes that "It's all about the ears. The better you get at listening, the better you sound."
Saima Zakir is a Pakistani musician and female pioneer of electric guitar playing in the country. Saima occasionally posts covers of her favourite guitar solos on her social media profiles out of sheer love for those she has great admiration for. When asked about her inspirations and what drives her, Zakir said, "I've always been my own driving force. My own brutal judge and critic. Which is a blessing, because no external factor can derail a journey the roots of which are planted in self-belief and faith. I wanted to learn the instrument the way it should be learned, and sound the way I wanted it to sound. The result is constant evolution of striving towards relieving the pain of personal dissatisfaction - which is my sound. If my work does not impress or move my own self in some way, then I should forget about it altogether. Western guitarists were my initial source of inspiration, but now any kind of sound that does something to me, instantly becomes the source."

Without the support of family, it is impossible to learn something, let alone master the art to the extent Saima has. "I owe the realization of my music dreams and journey to my parents who've always supported me through thick and thin. I am who I am today because of their hard work and sacrifices, and I hope to make them proud through my work," says the artist herself.

Saima is a true inspiration for not just girls but anyone who strives to learn the instrument. Musicians of Pakistan wish to see her enjoy more success as she progresses and look forward to more of her work.

Enjoy Saima's breathtaking rhythm and lead sections in this song!