Chor Gaya: 21 The Band's New Release is Mystical

The countrywide lockdown has breathed a new life into the music industry as the musicians continue to come up with new songs and interesting collaborations. Latest to join the party is 21 The Band - the punk/pop rock band from Islamabad. 21 The Band, who ended up in top 4 of Pepsi Battle of the Bands Season 3, is known for their creative prowess and their latest release Chor Gaya signifies it completely.

21 The Band has released their latest song Chor Gaya via rearts records.

Chor Gaya brings an entirely different side of 21 The Band to the table. The new sound complemented by profound lyrics is sounding so beautiful and makes it clear once and for all how versatile the punk rock band is. The song Chor Gaya is an ode to the departed souls and what better time to release it than now when countless people have lost their loved ones all across the world and most of the people continue to live in isolation, away from their families.

The band's claim to fame has to be Uth Records but their stint in Pepsi Battle of the Bands made them popular across the border also where the song Taare continued to play on radio stations for a long time. 21 The Band has also re-released their debut album Taaray on all music streaming services and their second album "Mein Boloun" is also scheduled to be released soon via rearts records.

Just like everyone, we can't wait for their second album to come out. Till then, enjoy Chor Gaya: