A Day at Chill Karo with Sara Baloch - Promoting Pakistani Music Selflessly

Not all experiences turn into lifetime memories but there are certainly a few which, in an instant, give you a hint that you are going to cherish it for years to come. One of those rare experiences happened when Sara Baloch invited me to her studio - (it's not every day that you get to witness something similar) to attend Bayaan's interview.

Sara Baloch is promoting Pakistani music selflessly and it was good to experience it live.

Bayaan, as we all know, is an acclaimed band having won the title of Pepsi Battle of the Bands Season 3. They have recently released their debut album 'Suno' and they were on Sara Baloch's show for the promotion. 

There's something about radio shows that make you think how easy it is to just sit in the studio and talk about different stuff. Watching it from the studio is a different story. It is not only about talking but connecting with people in a way that they feel an instant connection with you. This was exactly how it unfolded and in the blink of an eye, Sara Baloch was all into it. The tone of her voice changed in an instant and the joy of going on air was evident as she greeted the listeners with so much enthusiasm.

Baloch started with a random discussion about different stuff but concluded the first segment with a question for the listeners to guess the guest band on her show. Although the guests were announced prior to the show, it was a nice move to keep the listeners engaged. The moment arrived and Bayaan entered the studio for the interview. When it comes to interviews, Bayaan has never been interviewed in such a detailed manner but kudos to Sara Baloch for doing that quite magnificently.

Chill Karo with Sara Baloch is a radio show hosted by Sara Baloch at Samaa FM.

It was so pleasing to see how she interacted with all the four members of the band and kept them engaged throughout. It didn't take long for her to break the ice with a band like Bayaan, which is often considered a serious band due to their profound melodies and moving lyrics. Not to forget how she responded to their live performances - it was the perfect way of how we should be listening to the musicians playing live.

There are not many people or platforms that promote Pakistani music but people like Sara Baloch are doing everything possible to introduce the audience to the wonderful bands and musicians that we have in Pakistan. This selfless approach towards the music industry is all that we need to keep the industry alive and take it forward. To sum it up, it was an experience of a lifetime that we, at Musicians of Pakistan, will rejoice for long.