Isnain Khan Inspires with Debut Single Adatein / Habits

Isnain Khan's journey from a voiceover artist to a singer is a surprising turn, but not an unlikely one.  Believe it or not, Isnain has been a part of our lives; her voice echoes in our homes nearly every day - courtesy of the jingles and voiceovers she has done in her career since her childhood. The voice needed to be personified into an identity of its own and what better way could it be than releasing a song? After years of hard work and following her passion, Isnain Khan has finally released her debut single Adatein / Habits.

Isnain Khan is a Pakistani singer who has recently released her new song Adatein.

Produced by the legendary Omran Shafique (Momo), Adatein is a song about Khan's struggles with anxiety and how it affects her in different ways. Most people are familiar with depression and anxiety as a topic nowadays: anxiety has never been widely spoken about, and as stigmas fade, more and more people are opening up about their struggles. That being said, it is still not a popular topic in music - at least in Pakistan. Thankfully, Isnain Khan has talked about it and highlighted it in a grand manner. 

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Rohail Hyatt with Isnain Khan

Adatein captures a nuanced and complicated topic with poetic grace and musical suave. It starts in a pure manner with guitar parts, which then make way for Khan’s intimate lilt and conversational vocals to take the center stage. Through uncomplicated melodies and honest lyrical simplicity, the singer portrays a day-to-day situation, and how mental health disrupts it. Her singing is tinged with a slight hue of desperation and restlessness, which is the actual beauty of the whole song. 

The song Adatein was chosen and initially produced by the maestro Rohail Hyatt (Vital Signs) for the infamous Sprite Project Music & Travelogue. However, the project was postponed and Omran Shafiq - another legend of the music industry - produced it, and produced it brilliantly. Talking about her song, Isnain revealed that Adatein / Habits is a part of her upcoming album "Isnain's Fables" that will be released soon. The album is about the worldly lessons that Khan has learned in her life, especially after the demise of her father. 

Isnain has been a wonderful addition to the music industry and we wish to see more of her work. Here's Adatein. Enjoy!

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