Catching Up with Raafay Israr

If one were to look at Raafay Israr's discography, they'd have a hard time believing how much he has achieved in his career. Rose to prominence at the age of 17 through a live show Weekends with Mahira Khan, Israr truly broke out with his single 'Man Ki Lagan' featuring the incredible Kashan Admani. Since then, Israr has become quite a hot property in the music industry and has been performing globally. 

Raafay Israr speaks to Musicians of Pakistan about his musical journey, future plans, new releases, and more.

In this exclusive interview with Musicians of Pakistan, Raafay Israr talks to about his musical journey, new release Wajah Kya Thi, future plans, and much more. 

1. Please tell us about your musical journey.

Oh its been amazing till now. From doing 400 concerts to releasing my original music, I have enjoyed all of it. Its been almost 7 years now and there's still a long way to go but I think I have been fortunate enough to live the dream I always wanted to live

2. How did you find your sound? Was it a conscious search for you or an unconscious evolution?

I think it all depends on the listening. I started off listening rap music in school, then in college a hard rock band, then started listening Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan and now like to sing soft ballads and semi classical songs. So i think my sound found its own way.
3. Your new song Wajah Kya Thi is making rounds on the social media. Tell us more about the song.

Wajah Kia Thi is so far my favourite work that I have released so far and I'm getting massive appreciation for it. People from across the border have flooded my Instagram and a lot of new musicians are making cover versions of it. The song holds a very special place in my heart since I have worked really hard in the audio and video production phase. Its kind of a modern ghazal fused with new age music and sound.

4. In one of your Instagram live sessions, you talked about how you have to restrict yourself to make a song that appeals the masses. Isn’t it like compromising on your creativity and imprisoning the artist within you?

It is compromising and for that along side the commercial music that I release, I release stuff which keeps the artist alive. For instance there was this song Man Ki Lagan I released which featured guitar player Kashan Admani.

5. Being a musician, what is the hardest thing you have to face in Pakistan?

The biggest problem is promoting the content. There are no big platforms which support independent music and music videos.

6. Khushfehmiyan with Alycia Dias was a beautiful collaboration. Was it a one-off stint or can we expect more of these in future?

For sure. There's this song I have been working on these days. Its on women empowerment and the song features a female singer as well. Lets keep it as a surprise.

7. Can you name 3 of your musical inspirations from Pakistan?
Mehdi Hassan, Atif Aslam and Strings.

8. Which veteran musician did you always dream of working with?
This is kind of sad memory for me. I really wanted to work with late Amir Zaki and just before a month he passed away, I composed a song I wanted to share with him but I heard the terrible news that hes no more.

9. How do you see the current state of Pakistani music?
I think its progressing. Music video culture is coming back and social media is really helping the new comers.

10. Do you wish to release your own album someday?
I planned it but I still think this is not the right time for albums. Even if we see internationally, singles get more listenership then albums. 
11. You have been performing throughout the country and internationally as well. Where did you enjoy the most?
I recently did shows in USA and Dubai but I still enjoy performing in Pakistan the most. Pakistani audience deserve more concerts.

Raafay Israr speaks to Musicians of Pakistan about his musical journey, future plans, new releases, and more.

12. What’s the best part of playing live?
Its the connectivity with people. Its very different experience. What ever you do, the result comes on the same moment. Making music and then not performing live kills the artist inside you.

13. What would you like to achieve as a musician before calling it curtains?
I would really want my music to reach its right audience and maybe touring the world for shows.

14. Please give a message for your fans.

I would just like to thank them for supporting my new song and Id like to promise that I will keep on making new music for them.

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