Suno - Bayaan's Must-Listen Debut Album is Packed with Potential

This past weekend saw the release of the most anticipated Pakistani music album in the recent times. Pepsi Battle of the Bands' title holder Bayaan dropped its debut studio album, Suno, and marked the release with a formal album launch at Lahore Music Meet.

Album review of Bayaan's debut album Suno

Comprising of 9 tracks, the physical copies of the album were available at the venue in a limited number simply because the audience is not used to buying music but with Bayaan, you can expect the unexpected. All the copies were sold out in no time and the nostalgic scenes of fans buying the album and waiting in queues to get them signed by the band were in full display. A huge shout out to rearts for designing the album art and the whole package.

'Suno' beautifully portrays the journey of Bayaan and how they see the world through their eyes and the experiences they had together. Strong lyrics have always been the USP for Bayaan but maintaining the same standard throughout the album is another story. But credit to them for not only meeting the expectations but exceeding them by a fair margin.

Bekhabar, almost all of us have heard that song. The song has been included in the album as well and no words can be enough to praise the good work the band has done in this song. If you haven't heard it, watch the video below:

The album is a mixture of emotions eloquently conveyed through each song. Asfar is the Picasso when it comes to the art of singing emotional songs but it felt so peaceful to listen him crooning the lines "Humsafar Qarar Dil Ko Dila Gaya." Mera Musafir is the perfect song of hope we had been dying to listen from Bayaan. The addition of flute took the song to a whole new level where we are divided whether to call it haunting or sweet.

The buoyant streak pauses for a while in the instrumental track Jaag. Some may question the need for including an instrumental to an album that has only 8 tracks. However, it shows the skill and prowess of all the band members - the pillars of Bayaan. We get to hear great instrumental production in the mellow beautiful tracks Azhik and Jaag.

Suno takes an unplugged stroll with Tifl. Guitars sound equally well throughout the song and the Jugalbandi with Asfar's vocals soothes your senses so much you lose track of time.

Teri Tasveer starts with a soulful humming. Classical and contemporary concoctions like this are exactly what Asfar is good at but credit has to be given to Shahrukh and Haider's backing vocals and Mansoor's brilliant drumming. The Middle-Eastern vocals in the middle are perfection and they are so catchy it makes you want to try them. But then you fail.  

If you plan on headbanging, listen to Daira. Arguably the most upbeat song in the album, Daira is nothing usual you would listen from Bayaan. The band has experimented with its sound backed by steady drumbeats, groovy bass and guitars; and it has clicked. One word to describe the song? Magical. 

And last but certainly not the least, the album ends with the title track Suno. The more you listen to Suno, the more you get stuck in. At times it’s lovey-dovey and emotional, and sometimes it’s spiritual, taking you beyond the stars, until comets pelt you and your stuck on Earth again. 

Suno is a complete music album for all types of music listeners. It allows you to experience the different sides of Bayaan fused with a variety of musical influences. So, if you are still planning to listen to the album, it says exactly that. Suno! The album is about to hit all the popular digital music platforms soon. rearts is the official distributor of the album just in case you want to listen to it before the digital release.