Interview: Natasha Baig Talks about Debut Album Zariya

Coke Studio 11 might not have lived up to the expectations but the season introduced the audience to a star in Natasha Baig. The cricketer-turned singer became an instant fan favourite after her jaw-dropping performance in Shikwa/Jawab-e-Shikwa with the seasoned Fareed Ayaz & Abu Muhammad Qawwal. However, her musical journey started way before her propitious debut in Coke Studio.

Known for her spellbinding, high-ranged vocals, Natasha Baig have been doing some exceptional work in OSTs and singles and recently, the singer hailing from the beautiful valley of Hunza has come up with an album of her own, Zariya. At a time when there are no record labels in the country and albums have started to become a thing of the past, Natasha Baig has taken a brave step. We sat down with the artist for an exclusive interview to talk about the journey of Zariya, future plans, and her views of the music in Pakistan.

Natasha Baig's debut album Zariya is making headlines. Learn more in this interview with Natasha Baig.
Natasha Baig's Zariya - Official Album Cover

Your debut album “Zariya” has just released. How has the response been? 

The response that I'm getting after the launch of my Album is overwhelming I am really happy to see the positive response and this tells me how important original music is in this era.

What is the ideology of Zariya? 

Ideology behind Zariya is spiritual. We have incorporated sufi thought with modern music so that every can have the access such kind of music.

Did you go into the recording with any preconceived ideas how it would sound and what you wanted to write about?

Of course it was a preconceived idea I exactly knew what I wanted and I'm grateful to God that it turned out the way I wanted it.

Which one is your personal favorite song from the album? 

It is very difficult for me to choose any one song from the album but if I'm bound to choose one then I would say it's "Ya Ali Mushkil Kusha."

Is there a particular song on the new album that you thought “this is why I’m doing this”? 

Ya Ali Mushkil Kusha is that track which makes me feel that way.

Did the songs come easily for the album? 

Some of the songs were made in 2017 so yeah that tells us that it wasn't easy because we compiled them in 2020. So, it took us 3 years to complete the album.

In your opinion, what is the most beautiful aspect of releasing an album?

The feeling of having your own original content is indescribable. I have released singles before but never felt that grand when I released this album. I feel accomplished at the moment.

How do you plan to promote your album? Can we expect a nationwide tour? 

Yes, the plan is to spread this album all over Pakistan for which we have targeted universities in Sindh, Punjab and other regions too. So far the university drive is going really good.

Do you think there is a healthy music scene in Pakistan now? 

Not really because we lack proper record labels and proper channels for music. I am happy to see artist community is making music independently not waiting for any brand or record label. But as an artist I wish we had a proper industry.

It’s been a long journey for you. What has changed in your life over all these years? 

The change that I see in my journey is that now people take me as a serious musician which I highly appreciate and the amount of love and respect I get within the industry is amazing.

Fans have often said that they feel an instant connect with your songs. How do you deal with all the love that comes your way from the fans? 

I am so grateful to God that He made me able to do such music that touches everyone's heart and it is such a great feeling that I can't describe it in words... I get happy tears when I see the amount of love and respect I get from my fans.

Number of views and likes has become a criterion to judge if a song is hit or not. What is actually a hit song in your opinion? 

Numbers and views mean nothing to me. There are songs on the youtube or on the other platform that I listen to and they don't have much views but they are master pieces. There is no such criteria for a hit song, whatever you'll make straight from your heart you'll get your true listeners and that what matters.

Natasha Baig performing on the launch of her debut album Zariya

Can you name three of your musical inspirations from Pakistan? 

There is long list but if I'm supposed to say only 3 names those would be just Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Abida Parveen, Ali Azmat.

Where do you see yourself going from this point in your career? 

I don't really know about that. This is an uncertain industry and all I wanna do is quality work and rest is at God's hand.

Please give a message for your fans. 

You guys mean everything to me. Whatever I am today is because of my fans and you guys are the driving force behind my work so yeah your love and support means everything to me. God bless you guys.

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