Faaslay - Tamaasha stuns with a new single in Acoustic Station

Pakistan's first music web series Acoustic Station is getting exciting with every passing week. So far, the platform has released music in different languages and genres, keeping the audience on its feet and leaving no stones unturned.

Tamaasha released a brand new single, Faaslay on Acoustic Station produced by Kashan Admani.

This week, Acoustic Station has brought one of the most exciting bands, Tamaasha, with a new song Faaslay. Faaslay is not the usual sound you would hear from Tamaasha and this is the beauty of the song. The vocalist Bilal Ahmed has gone deep down to bring a versatile side in his singing and it couldn't have sounded better than in unplugged arrangement for which Acoustic Station is making waves across the country.

Faaslay is the perfect love ballad and what perfect time to enjoy it with Valentine's Day being just around the corner? The entire band has done a wonderful job in making it sounding raw and fresh to the ears. Anas Lutfi's solo in the middle of the song is the highlight along with Zahid Qureshi's backing vocals and Ali Raza's bass. Not to forget the contribution of Hyder Ali on the drums to make it intricate and big-sounding.

Here's Tamaasha's brand new single Faaslay, enjoy if you haven't already:


  1. Tell Bilal he's cute and Zahid is hot!! Mean it

  2. Bilal is as versatile as the colors of sky. Anas's solo was damn impressive


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