Jee Loon: Nida Hussain's Perfect Storm of Girl Power in Acoustic Station

Acoustic Station welcomed 2020 in a grand fashion with a brand new original song Jee Loon featuring the ever so talented Nida Hussain with a bunch of exciting female musicians to our surprise.

Nida Hussain performs Jee Loon in Acoustic Station

Nida Hussain is a powerhouse of creative talent and we just witnessed a fraction of it in her performance. The way she blends the lyrics with her voice makes Jee Loon a completely different song, and her passion is seen in both the lyrics and her expressive voice. The hummings, orchestration, and fusion of multiple instruments take you back in time to the pop era of music as the song oozes to the climax.

Nida was well complemented by all the musicians; Alex Shahbaz on trumpet, Mairah Khan on guitar, Ramesha Janjua on ukulele, Veeru Shan on cajon, Bradley D'Souza on bass, Sana Gilani on shakers. As the song progresses, Nida exhibits her joy in such a way that it makes you stand up and dance. Kudos to the backing vocalists Afreen Shahab, Warda Iqbal for doing a commendable job with the veteran Natasha Khan who appeared after a long while and it is so good to see a star of her caliber supporting new talent.

Nida Hussain performs Jee Loon in Acoustic Station with Natasha Khan, Veeru Shan, and more.

Speaking about the song Jee Loon, Nida Hussain says, "The idea behind Jee Loon was my personal journey and what message we want to convey. This is a motivational upbeat song and I loved performing it a lot!". "Working with Kashan Admani has been a treat and I'm looking forward to more!" added Nida.

"I wanted to highlight the amazing female musicians that we have and give them a platform through Acoustic Station," said Kashan Admani when asked about how he came up with this idea of adding 8 girls to this song. He further mentioned that most of the songs in Acoustic Station feature female musicians.

Acoustic Station is coming all guns blazing week after week. Kashmir - The Band's Soch, Maha Ali Kazmi's Sahibo, Latif Ali Khan's Lolak, and now Nida Hussain's Jee Loon - it's tough to choose one as a favourite. Nida Hussain has brilliantly exhibited her versatility as a vocalist in Jee Loon after Tu Mera Junoon's OST. Suffice to say that Jee Loon is the ultimate girl anthem that will go down in history as one of the best songs of Nida Hussain.


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