Catching Up with Nida Hussain - The Gorgeous Music Sensation

All the way from New York, singer-songwriter, actor, and model Nida Hussain has a voice like a morning sun. The effortless charm and depth in her voice with an incredible ability to use it as an instrument makes any song sound very pleasant to the ears and easily leaves the listeners awestruck. The diversity of her sound is surprising. But the lack of clarity is what makes her style unique and this versatility with the capability of performing insane runs accurately in melasmatic style of singing leaves her career ripe for creativity and iterative growth.

Nida Hussain is a Pakistani singer, songwriter, actor, and model. Read singer Nida Hussain's interview.

The last time we heard Nida Hussain (not long ago), she was crooning the melodious Mehandi song for the popular TV serial Tu Mera Junoon. But the curiosity magnified when she appeared in Kashan Admani’s Acoustic Station to perform her original song, Jee Loon and it was a must to approach her for an interview. Singer Nida Hussain spoke to us about her musical journey, her upcoming projects, and much more in a fun interview.

Please tell us about your musical journey. How did it all start? 

I’ve been a singer for as long as I can remember. I only started singing “professionally” around 5 years ago. I started off doing small gigs in New York and moved on to some really cool opportunities such as singing backup for Sukhwinder Singh in New Jersey.

Singer Nida Hussain performing with Indian singer Sukhwinder Singh in New Jersey.

What was the biggest obstacle that you had to overcome in the initial stages of your career?

I sang for fun and didn’t really see it as a career opportunity back then. The only obstacle I faced was that I didn’t know how to be heard by the masses.

From performing the cover of “Mera Naam Yousuf Hai” to singing chartbuster OSTs, how has this journey been? 

This new chapter of singing in the Pakistani industry after doing covers has just started. I’m no where near done so it’s still an ongoing journey. Will come back to this question later lol.

What did you feel you needed to learn to get yourself ready for the very competitive world of entertainment, where only a fraction of individuals actually make it, let alone make it to the level that you have? 

The biggest thing I learned was, and this will sound cliché but focus on yourself. If I worry about making it then I can’t focus on my goal.

How did you find your sound? Was it a conscious search for you, or an unconscious evolution? 

I don’t think I have one particular sound. I lean towards pop music because I’m good at it according to my peers but I’d love to keep exploring all sounds.

Today, it has become a norm for musicians to rely on technically sophisticated synthetic sound. Do you think this is one of the reasons why the current generation of musicians hasn’t been able to connect with the audience?

I think the main reason artists can’t connect to the audience is overthinking what they want to hear. What I’m learning and trying to focus on is to do what you enjoy and the fans will follow.

Which veteran musician did you always dream of working with? 

This is an interesting question, I think I would’ve loved to work with Nazia Hassan.

What genres do you enjoy singing the most? Do you wish to experiment with other genres in the future? 

I love to sing upbeat pop music. It’s what I grew up listening to but I’d love to try singing a Sufi song.

You have crooned Jee Loon for Acoustic Station? How was it working with such talented female musicians under the production of Kashan Admani? And how different is it to sing a pop song as compared to other songs that you have sung? 

I think singing pop songs in general is super fun and I like playing with my voice. I’m excited to experiment with all genres.

What’s up with you lately? Can you disclose any projects that you are currently working on? 

I’m currently working on some more original music! And I’m also an actor so I’m excited to reveal those projects as well.

A model, singer, and actor – you fill so many shoes. How do you manage all of it? And what do you enjoy doing the most? 

When you’re doing things that you enjoy, managing them all just comes to you. Although I have sacrificed a lot of comfort to be able to make these things happen. However I enjoy making music the most!

Nida Hussain is a Pakistani singer, songwriter, actor, and model. She appeared in Acoustic Station. Read Nida Hussain's interview.

Do you wish to release your own album someday?

I think an album is a crucial part of every musicians journey and I’d love to create one.

Can you name your musical inspirations from Pakistan? 

Nazia Hassan, Sajjad Ali, Faakhir, many more I can’t think of now.

What’s the best part of playing live? 

The instant response from the audience! Nothing compares.

If you could change one thing about the entertainment industry in Pakistan, what would it be? 

I’d love to hear Pakistani artists make albums again.

What do you think about the current state of the music industry in Pakistan? 

I think it’s in a tough spot compared to how it used to be. We have a lot of talent but not enough opportunity to showcase it.

Where do you see yourself as a musician in the next 5 years? 

In 5 years I hope I’m still singing and enjoying it.

How is your relation with your fans? Can you share a fan memory that touched you the most? 

I have old fans from my cover days in New York and new fans since I started singing in Pakistan. They all have one thing in common and that is whenever I  felt like giving up, they kept me motivated. It makes you feel good to know that people want to hear your work and are looking forward to it.

Please give a message for your fans. 

Thank you and be patient, there’s a lot more coming.


  1. Pretty lady with a beautiful voice. Best wishes

    1. Thank you! You can also convey your wishes directly to her on Instagram @nidahussainmusic

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  3. her voice is more beautiful than the morning sun, looking forward to more of her work.

  4. Singing with Sukhwinder is such a huge honor.
    Sending lots of love from India.

  5. Wow, she sang Khamaj so masterfully.

  6. She is super skilled. P.s. she's cute :D

  7. There's a bit of Aima Baig in her voice. A good fit for contemporary songs. Good to know her

    1. Wow! Nida is in her own league :) Follow her on Instagram @nidahussainmusic

  8. What a cool arsenal of female singers shaping up in Pakistan! Mind it, she's right up there with all those greats

    1. No doubt! We have the best musical force <3

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    1. Kamal ki singer hain, no? Follow her on Instagram @nidahussainmusic :)

  10. What's her Instagram handle? She just earned a fan <3


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