Sahibo - Maha Ali Kazmi's Stint with Acoustic Station is Magical

After a hiatus, we are super excited to see Maha Ali Kazmi back at doing what she does best. The versatile singer-songwriter makes a grand appearance in the latest webisode of Acoustic Station to perform a Kashmiri folk song Sahibo. In the opening webisode, Kashmir - The Band performed a rendition of their own song Soch

Maha Ali Kazmi's Sahibo in Acoustic Station is a rendition of the beautiful folk song performed with Kashan Admani, Mairah Khan, Veeru Shan, and others.

Maha Ali Kazmi - Sahibo | Acoustic Station 

Sahibo is a melodious song and Maha beautifully maintained the balance of power and expression with her soulful vocals. The higher-pitched vocals have a wonderful dichotomy with the deep dulcet tones of eastern instruments, and the track slowly transforms into an atmospheric number. Veeru Shan on percussions, Mairah Khan and Kashan Admani on guitars, Joshua Amjad on Tabla, Irfan Ali Taj on Rubab, Bradley D'Souza on Bass, Alex Shahbaz on Piano, and Zulqarnain on Flute - all of these highly talented musicians have done a commendable job to rejuvenate such an evergreen melody. 

Speaking exclusively to us about the song, the vocalist Maha Ali Kazmi said, "Sahibo is a beautiful Kashmiri song originally sung by Mudasir Ali. Being Kashmiri by origin and a Kashmiri state subject I’ve always wanted to promote Kashmiri music in Pakistan. Thanks to Kashan Admani and Acoustic Station, this was made possible, and my rendition of Sahibo is my first official Kashmiri song in its native language. It has been truly wonderful working on this project with Kashan and all the talented musicians who have played their part in making this song possible." 

"Sahibo is a song about longing for love with undertones of nostalgia lamenting the burden of separation from the beloved and their city - Kashmir (lyrics penned by Shah Faesal). It is one of my favourite Kashmiri songs as it reminds me of my home town Srinagar and truly captures the beauty of the valley and my love for Kashmir. I hope through this song I can familiarise the Pakistani audience to the nuances of Kashmiri folk music and language", added Maha. 

This version of the song is being appreciated by the greats of the industry. Farhad Humayun; with whom Maha Ali Kazmi started her career and who also wrote, played with her, and directed her first song, expressed his excitement and was happy to see her doing more songs. 

Wednesdays were never this exciting and twice in a row, we have been left spellbound courtesy of Acoustic Station. What's in store for the next week? Keep your fingers crossed and till then, enjoy Sahibo.