Lolak: Latif Ali Khan Rejuvenates the Saraiki Classic in Acoustic Station

With a writer’s block being a major hurdle in the life of a writer, staring at a blank page is a major turn-off. And that’s when the melodies come to your rescue, filling the space, resonating dare and divine, all at the same time. The tingling sensation a mellow voice leaves behind, a voice that carries pain in it, and the love that oozes out of it makes you want to reach out to your true beloved.

Latif Ali Khan performs Lolak in Acoustic Station with Kashan Admani, Mairah Khan, Sana Gilani, Veeru Shan, and more.

And listening to such a soulful music, makes it a must-do task to look up for the artist’s info. When you search for the talented artist, you find Asia's first super star in music - Latif Ali Khan. Picked up from the depths of talent, this singer has a gifted voice and his latest release Lolak in Acoustic Station will make you believe it, if you don't!

The third webisode of Pakistan's first music web series Acoustic Station features Asia's first super star in music Latif Ali Khan with a Saraiki religious song Lolak, originally composed by Ustad Fida Hussain and performed by Mohammad Zaman. Bestowed with a unique vocal texture, Latif Ali Khan is a natural when it comes to putting life and soul to a song. Attempting a classic number like Lolak is a brave attempt but pulling it off with such grace requires heaps of talent and mastery in singing.

Latif Ali Khan performs Lolak in Acoustic Station.

The acoustic arrangement with hand percussion is what makes this song immensely soul touching. A Sufi kalam which enhances the picture, bringing out the communication between the creation and the creator. If this can't melt your heart, nothing ever will!

In the previous two webisodes, Kashmir - The Band performed a new version of their song Soch and Maha Ali Kazmi covered the Kashmiri song Sahibo. With each song, Acoustic Station keeps growing bigger and third week in a row, we got to witness the prowess of Kashan Admani as a music producer and young musicians showcasing their talent at the grandest level. Till next Wednesday, enjoy this otherwordly song and feel your feet lift of the ground.