Irteassh Biography

Irteassh is an all-girl A capella band based in Karachi, Pakistan, which appeared in Coke Studio Season 10. The band comprises 4 female vocalists Eman Pirzada, Ayesha Akbar Waheed, Sajar Nafees and Simal Nafees. Introduced by Salman Ahmad, Irteassh performed Ghoom Taana with Momina Mustehsan in Coke Studio Season 10.

Irteassh is an all-girl band debuted in Coke Studio. Read Irteassh complete biography on Musicians of Pakistan.

Early career

The four girls were discovered by Salman Ahmed of Junoon (band) during a musical competition and he then took them to Coke Studio. Soon after the show, they formed a band and Ayesha Akbar Waheed came up with the name Irteassh that means wave forms of the voice.

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