Farhad Humayun – An Inspiration None Can Ever Be

Stylish performer, loudest drummer in Pakistan, best live act, and whatnot; Farhad Humayun has a never-ending list of accolades. But no tribute or attribute to Farhad Humayun can be good enough to honour him for the great things he has done for the country, knowingly and unknowingly. The bulk of his work was done to make people smile and aspire to dream. Only a handful of musicians arouse emotions of the kinds that Farhad Humayun does and few may ever.

Farhad Humayun's latest song Main Hoon is about the underdogs and how we should be proud of our identities.

Not long ago, the Nimmi Nimmi singer was diagnosed with a brain tumor and underwent successful surgery. Fans were left in shock but they were certain that he would emerge victorious and come back stronger than ever, and this is exactly what happened – Farhad came and came back more inspirational than he has ever been. Even in that post-surgery phase, he was all smiles, interacting with fans on social media, and sending positive vibes to those in need. The way how he stayed positive throughout that phase is a lesson for all of us who lose hope over minor things and start blaming life for all our own failures.

Again, no tribute can be worthy of respect without highlighting the fact that he is adamant about helping others overcome their struggles. He does this so elegantly using his music and kind words. Speaking on social issues, highlighting the importance of staying positive, producing profound music with meaningful lyrics; no one can emanate it the way Farhad does. After beating the odds, Farhad Humayun is back faster, stronger, and more energetic than he has ever been in his entire career.

What could have been a better way to announce his return than a new song Main Hoon featuring master Egyptian percussionist Hossam Ramzy in his last ever recording and guitarist Aziz Ibrahim. Talking about the song, Farhad Humayun disclosed in a video that it is a song about the underdogs. “Don’t judge people because they’re not what YOU want them to be. Let people define themselves and respectfully disagree, if you do!”

Main Hoon marks Farhad Humayun’s return to the music after a long while in his signature style just like his mother, the legendary Navid Shahzad writes in her book Aslan’s Roar, “A lion does not have to announce his arrival as his power lies in silence, confidence, and persistence.”

Here's presenting, Farhad Humayun's latest single Main Hoon feat. Hossam Ramzy and Aziz Ibrahim: