Catching Up with Amena Farooq - The Awe-Inspiring Singer-Songwriter

Amena Farooq made her propitious debut at Levi's Live and dropped many jaws with her elegant performance filled with energy, charged with unmistakable enthusiasm and complemented by a charismatic voice that left many wondering where she was hiding all this time. A singer-songwriter, composer, and music producer - Amena has a gifted voice with an extraordinary ability to express the emotions eloquently that distinguishes her from other vocalists in the country. 

Amena Farooq is a Pakistani singer-songwriter, and music producer. In this interview, Amena Farooq talks about her musical career.

Amena may be new to the music world, but music is not new to her - it's long been her stable ground and creative weapon of choice. A person who abhors stagnancy, the singer-songwriter and a mother of three, Amena plans to release her songs soon. 

In this exclusive interview, Amena talks about the source of creativity, her musical journey, and a lot more. 

1. Please tell us about your musical journey. 

I developed a real love for music when I started piano lessons as a 7-year-old and this grew to singing, orchestra and dreams of writing my own songs. As a teenager I was discouraged from pursuing music in favour of a more stable career and I ended up being a computer scientist. Several years later I abandoned a successful career and began writing songs from my bedroom. I joined the fledgling BIY Music and learned a lot there about music as a profession and not just a passion.

2. What music were you into as a kid that propelled you into making music a career?

What most stands out are musicals. Michael Jackson Moonwalker, The Sound of Music, The Labyrinth. I’ve always loved stories, and at age 10 I watched Andrew Lloyd Webber’s production of CATS and was mesmerized. It was the power of storytelling through music that was compelling.

3. What did you feel you needed to learn in order to get yourself ready for the very competitive world of entertainment? 

Confidence. Practice. Living in the moment. And then some skills.

4. How did you find your sound? 

Not sure I’ve found it yet, I’m an experimenter. But if it sounds good to me I’m happy to call it my sound.

5. You have been working with some of the finest musical talent of Pakistan lately. With whom do you enjoy working the most? 

Everyone! Everyone has something fabulous to teach. Ali Noor has been an exceptional teacher and taskmaster and I have him to thank not just for professional but also lots of personal growth, which is invaluable.

6. A singer, songwriter, and music producer. Which roles of yours do you like the most? 


7. Your performance at Riot Studios was applauded by all. What is the reason why you haven’t been releasing a lot of music? 

As a mum I have to work part time. And if you are your own boss setting your own path and left to manage your own targets the going can get slow. Distractions have been my biggest challenge.

8. It takes two to break a heart. What is this song about? 

Heartbreak! And recognition of your own role in it. We fall in love and can set expectations on the object of our love, thus setting ourselves up for the fall.

9. Being a music producer, do you follow a certain arrangement or work pattern while making music or you just go with the flow?

I generally follow the melody and go with the flow.

10. How do you see the amount of musical talent in the country? 

Lots of talent! With the right training and direction it could amount to wonderful things!

11. Any form of art helps you discover a lot about you. What did music teach you about you? 

I don’t know if it taught me anything about myself but it certainly brings me to a place of connectedness with myself. I feel in equilibrium when I am with music.

12. Can you name three of your musical inspirations from Pakistan? 

I have to admit that my musical inspirations are not Pakistani; however I have enjoyed a lot of Vital Signs, Junoon, and Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan.

13. You mostly sing in English. Considering the literacy rate in Pakistan, don’t you think it would restrict the outreach of your music in the country?

Certainly, but why restrict ourselves to a country? We are global citizens!

14. When do you intend to release your own album or EP? 

I’m working on it. As soon as I have the right resources!

15. Can you please give an exclusive insight of your current projects?

Currently I am trying to stay on track with releasing and performing some of my own music, and hopefully with some collaborations.

16. Where do you see yourself as a musician in the next 5 years?

Everywhere! Haha. InshAllah.

17. What are the elements that make a good musician? 

In my opinion, being able to move people means being able to connect with them. For this it is important to be comfortable and connected with yourself. Only then can you express yourself openly and honestly. And, as with any vocation, a certain level of skill and craftsmanship is needed.

18. What is the reason why the current generation of musicians hasn’t been able to connect with the audience like the bands of the 90’s and early 2000’s?

I could give you an essay on this but it would all be conjecture.

Amena Farooq is a Pakistani singer-songwriter, and music producer.

19. Do you think the current music scene in the country is progressive? 

I don’t think I have enough interaction yet with the music scene to be able to give a fair comment on this!

20. Who would you want to play with once in your lifetime, and why? 

Ed Sheeran, I love his songwriting.

21. If you were a musical instrument, what would you be and why? 

I’d be the human voice – versatile and sensitive, and keen to grow.

22. Please give a message for your fans. 

Thank you for listening and for your love! Human connection is everything, and it means so much to me that I can connect to you through music. Lots of love to you all!


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