Mohammad Aizaz Sohail Stands Up for the Rights of Musicians

Mohammad Aizaz Sohail, a renowned singer of eastern classical singer, is a man of steel. He fears no one and likes making his own ways to achieve big things in life. His values reflect in his words and this is exactly what makes him a person to look up to. In an exclusive interview with Musicians of Pakistan, Aizaz talked about his life as a musician, minced no words for the rights of musicians, shed light on the importance of having a teacher if one wants to make it big in the world of music, and so much more.

Mohammad Aizaz Sohail is a Pakistani classical singer who performs with Mughal-e-Funk.

The topic for this specific interview was the rights of musicians and how vocalists have been in the dominant position. Aizaz said that musicians playing with a vocalist deserve the same level of appreciation and money as well. "Musicians actually sing with their instrument and should get their fair share of remuneration as the vocalist." He also made it extremely clear that he will be the first to start this trend and give respect to musicians playing with him.

It was such a great honour interviewing this gem from our music industry and wish him all the very best for his future endeavours.

You can watch the complete interview here: 


  1. Atti uttam. Kya kehnay ap ki ek ek bat dil mei lagi ha

  2. Inspiring personality. I don't have any doubts listening to him that he's the best teacher one should seek musical training from. Best wishes from LA, Aizaz!

  3. Maula salamat rakhy aur aala muqam ata kry, khubsurat insan hai Aizaz

    1. Aameen! Do follow his page and listen to his music. You'll be surprised :)

  4. Ustad sahab se request hai ye song ko cover karen "Tasvir Sajjad Ali"


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