The Brilliance of Azaan Sami Khan Shines Bright with Parey Hut Love's Music

Pakistan seems to have found the music director for the youth in Azaan Sami Khan who is well-versed in creating music that appeals the masses. He is definitely having the time of his life with his music being appreciated on the grand stage with movies like Parey Hut Love and Superstar doing well on the box office and his music getting popular day by day among the audience.

Azaan Sami Khan's music in Parey Hut Love has made the movie a must see and we are proud of him.

Out of the two mentioned movies, Parey Hut Love's music exhibits unexplainable grandeur and offers different flavors of romance, emotions, festivity, and celebration. Each song in the movie makes you fell in love with his talent and why not, the tunes get on you the more you listen to them. One prime example is Jimmy Khan's Haye Dil Bechara that is arguably the nation's favourite at the moment getting over 2 million views in just a few days of its release. The song itself is very groovy but the choreography and way it has been filmed makes it larger than life. Inclusion of accordion, guitar, and drums with rhythmic claps add that foot tapping flavor to it. Jimmy's voice does complete justice to this dance number and the entire cast's performance filled in all the colours you would want in a wedding song.

Behka Na has to be the romantic song of the year, if not decade. This will certainly be remembered as Azaan's composition of his life. Sung by the talented Ali Tariq and Harshdeep Kaur, Behka Na makes you fell in love with its music and lyrics. Penned by Asim Raza himself, Behka Na lays out waves of love. What makes this song more beautiful is its video. Maya Ali and Sheheryar Munawar looked like love birds exploring the depths of love. The Vision Factory should consider using this tune as their official intro. 
With Ik Pal, Azaan brought the desi flavor to the film's music. Beautifully sung by the legendary Hadiqa Kiani and equally well-complimented by Harshdeep Kaur, the traditional beats in Ik Pal brings festive vibes and it is evident in its video as well. The entire video of the song is extremely rooted to our culture. Hina Farooqi, the producer designer, ensured that the visuals, decoration, and backdrops compliment the song in tremendous fashion. The performances of Maya Ali, Meera, Zara Noor Abbas, Sheheryar Munawar, Jimmy Khan, Ahmed Ali Butt and Rachel Viccaji in the video deserve a special mention. 
With Zihaal-e-Miskin, Azaan unfolded the sufi side in him and we are loving it. No one could have sung it better than the iconic Rahat Fateh Ali Khan. Just like other songs in the movie, this song comes just at the right time. Saad Sultan and Azaan have made Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan Sahab's composition even bigger and relatable for the current generation. The unsettling emotion in this qawwali makes you closely experience the situation. Watching it on the larger screen was an experience in its own. 
Morey Saiyan was the song most of the fans were waiting for. Featuring the sensational Mahira Khan, Morey Saiyan is all euphoria and love. Asim Raza yet again, left the audience in awe with his amazing lyrics writing and he managed to direct it with the same grace as well. Sung by Zeb Bangash, Morey Saiyan is a flow of love, magic, and emotions all combined together to turn it into a masterpiece. Mahira Khan looks elegant in a different avatar and the production design adds more grace to the overall feel. 
No movie these days is complete without an item number and who better can pull it off than Aima Baig who has sung numerous item songs in her trademark voice. Balma Bhagora is more of a dance number that makes you realise how diverse Azaan is in his craft. The thumping beat in the song can easily make you get up and dance and the same was witnessed when the movie ended and entire audience started dancing. Maya Ali and Zara Noor Abbas outclassed everyone with their dance moves but the highlight was Sheheryar's rap. He completely blew the roof off with his rapping skills. 
With so much diversity and versatility in just one flick, Azaan has made millions of fans and rightly so. He has made is extremely clear that age is just a number and it is the talent and creativity that shines above all. Lots of love and best wishes to him and a huge shout out to Asim Raza and Sheheryar Munawar for believing in his abilities and giving us a great music director in him. 


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