Alycia Dias Reignites Patriotism with Hum Azad Hain

Alycia Dias has surprised her fans and critics with her latest Independence Day special song Hum Azad Hain. She is best known for her singles and OSTs, most of which are emotional songs, and one could hardly believe in her ability to spark the patriotism feels had she not released this song.

Alycia Dias released Hum Azad Hain and it is surreal

Unlike other national songs, Hum Azad Hain has a slow tempo but the composition strikes the right chords and there are moments where you get goosebumps and actually want to do something to show your love for the country. The visuals of armed forces in the video, children wearing colors of Pakistan, and the traditional decoration with flag buntings are a treat to the eyes.

'Hum Aik Hain, Hum Azad Hain' possesses a strong message of how blessed we are to breathe in an independent state and it is all because of the sons and daughters who fought and continue to fight to protect our motherland. Hum Azad Hain is the perfect tribute to those soldiers who embraced martyrdom while protecting the country and those mothers who took pride in it.

Watch the video here, even if you have already: