Badnaam's Music Makes Ready Steady No A Must-See

Gone are the days when movie songs had a specific genre because our very own Badnaam, spearheaded by the charismatic Ahmed Jilani, has entered the film industry with a song in the upcoming movie Ready Steady No. Pakistani cinema is in a progressive phase and including rock music is definitely a great initiative that will bring in the much-needed diversity to film scores.

Rock band Badnaam has a song in Ready Steady No and we are loving it.

Ready Steady No is all set to release on July 19, 2019 and nothing can be more exciting than experiencing Badnaam's loud pounding music and Ahmed's powerful vocals on the big screen. It will surely be a moment to cherish for all Badnaam fans, especially those who have been following them from their early days. A small part of the song can be heard in the trailer and one can easily say that Badnaam's song has added life and thrill to it overall.

Watch the trailer here if you haven't already!