Waleed Attique - A True Star in the Making

Besides Brian O'Connel and Kamran Zafar a.k.a. Mannu, Pakistani audience rarely knows any other bassist because the lead guitarists mostly get a major part of attention of listeners. Having said that, there's one name who is defying all odds to create a name for himself and that too at a tender age. He is none other than Waleed Attique who, in the industry, is also known for his never ending explanations of music theories.

Waleed Attique is a Pakistani Musician and Bassist

Born in Dubai, Waleed has played for some of the biggest names in the industry including the likes of Mustafa Zahid and Asrar. Like most of the musicians, he developed interest in music at a very early age and the rest is all history.
From playing at bars to performing in mainstream shows like Pepsi Battle of the Bands and Nescafe Basement, Waleed has definitely come a long way.

Speaking of Nescafe Basement, if you have followed the latest season i.e. Season 5, you would definitely have seen him showcasing his abilities enthusiastically in different songs including Mehbooba where he took the bass solo to a completely new level. The way he performs on stage is a joy to watch and you get to feel the same energy.

Waleed Attique is a Pakistani Musician and Bassist

Waleed may be young but he is no less than the big giants and his ability to play in different genres and style signifies this claim. So far, he has played Western classical, Reggae, Bossa Nova, Arabic classical, Latin, Rock, Metal, and many more. He has this unique aura in his personality that whenever he gets on stage, he makes sure the audience gets to experience live music in its true colors.

With so much under his belt in the initial stages of his career, Waleed is all on his way to becoming the next big bassist in Pakistan. We wish him the very best of luck in all his projects and hope to see him represent Pakistan at the grandest level.


  1. Yes I saw him at Asrar's performance. The boy's a rockstar

  2. I never saw him performing live in concert. But he played so lovely in the shows.

  3. Waleed just does'nt perform on stage; he lives the experience...& makes his audience feel the same way too.


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