Sanya Shahzad - Emerging as the Next Big Female Singer in Pakistan

Hailing from the beautiful city of Islamabad, Sanya Shahzad is a singer, songwriter, and film student currently studying in MET Film School doing her masters and previously a film graduate from the Royal Holloway, University of London. Time and time again, Sanya has left the audience spellbound with her amazing talent. Be it playing the bass in Nescafe Basement's take on John Newman's Love Me Again to performing live at Levis Live Session 1, her ability to fill different roles speaks volumes of her immense talent.

Sanya Shahzad is a Pakistani Singer, Songwriter, and composer.

Contemporary music is her forte. Her cover songs on Instagram garner lots of appreciation from her fans and critics alike.
Not only does she cover a song, but sings it in her own style, which is the trait of a great artist. It takes a maestro to repurpose and construct someone else's song into something that feels totally different and Sanya seems to have mastered this art. Her simultaneously polished and rugged vocals can easily burn themselves into your head whenever she releases a new cover.

Sanya Shahzad is a Pakistani Singer, Songwriter, and Instrumentalist.

Her debut single Tiptoeing is a pure depiction of her caliber as an artist. Tiptoeing did quite well and why not, Sanya's prowess as a singer is quite evident in that particular song. She penned down the lyrics herself and what a commendable job has she done! Despite the fact that she has only a few songs to her name, it's pretty clear that she truly belongs at the grandest level in the industry.

Besides being a vocalist, she has a knack of playing multiple instruments like ukulele, guitar, bass, and keys. Her euphonious voice has the capability to strike all the right chords in your heart when she performs on any given day. She is definitely someone to watch out in the next few years and we cannot wait what she has in store for all of us.

For all her fans and our readers, we will be publishing a comprehensive interview very soon. Stay tuned and till then enjoy this beautifully performed original!