In Conversation with Alycia Dias - The Girl with a Soothing Voice

It's her knack for gelling in ever so elegantly and the willingness to learn and lend her vocal talent that makes Alycia Dias so special in the music circuit. This talent has helped her create an identity of her own in the industry, who often sings jingles as well as singles and international projects.

alycia dias musicians of pakistan

Born in the family of musicians, Alycia chose music as her profession and the way she has progressed in recent times,
it is nothing but commendable. Even though she made her debut in the mainstream in Coke Studio Season 8, but she has been in the music scene for a while now with a number of OSTs to her name for different TV serials. Started from Awaaz Banaye Star, a singing reality show, she has only moved forward and today, she is one of the most prominent female singers of the country.

Recently, she has released a song "Khushfehhmiyan" with Raafay Israr and has been very busy in promoting it on different platforms. She has also contributed in Kashan Admani's Taare - a collaborative project having 31 artists in the likes of Asad Ahmed, Natasha Baig, Ahsan Bari, Abbas Ali Khan, and others to spread awareness about education for underprivileged children - which is also being appreciated by the audience. We got to talk to her about her projects and so much more:

1. Your new song Khushfehmiyan with Raafay Israr has just come out. How’s the response so far and are you satisfied with it? 

The response has been very good! A lot of people are sharing and appreciating it. And I’m very much satisfied. At the end of the day, what matters is original content.

2. You belong to a family of musicians. Does it add some extra pressure on you to deliver every time? 

Well, honestly not really. I mean my dad always considered music and playing as a hobby and wanted me to do the same. But I, on the other hand, realized (a bit late though) that this is something that I wanna do as a full-time thing. And for me, it’s not a hobby. Even though my family does expect me to progress in this career, which I am, through hard work.

3. Do you intend to experiment your voice with other genres or are you happy with the kind of music you are currently making?

There is absolutely no harm in experimenting. I would love to try semi-classical singing but not too advance, cause I know that’s not my genre. Would love to try out ghazals and old Urdu songs.

4. Do you intend to release a complete studio album?

Yes of course, otherwise why am I even doing this in the 1st place. I wanna release my own original music, which eventually will be collated into an album.

5. You have been connected to music all your life. Do you take it as heirship or something you would have pursued anyway? 

I never thought that I would take singing as a profession. Like I mentioned earlier my dad wanted me to get a 9-5 job 🀣. But I soon figured that that’s not what I wanted and what I wanted was something very risky, but worth it.

6. Do you wish to sing in regional languages? If yes, which ones?

Of course. I have sung in Baluchi and Sindhi and Punjabi. I have also sung in French, Italian, Turkish and German (for the consulates).

7. Where do you see yourself as a musician in the next 5 years?

My usual answer to this “what if I die tomorrow” πŸ™ˆ. Honestly, I don’t know but I wish for the best for my self. I hope to be a good citizen, a good human being. And I hope that I can help as many people as I can. And be a good example of a strong, non-bechari, hardworking and positive female.

alycia dias musicians of pakistan

8. Do you think if given the creative license, Pakistani music will improve? 

I think Pakistan in terms of music has improved and will keep improving more

In time as well as compared to the previous years. And most producers and artists have been changing the face of the music industry and making it better each day.

9. After a drastic downfall, Pakistani music is slowly but gradually moving towards its revival. What can be done in your opinion to make this process fast? 

Original music! Original music and original but good music. Artists and producers need to focus on creating good music and doing good quality work rather than chalta kam,. I've seen the best producers and artists never compromising On the quality of the work no matter how tough the clients make it for them or how badly they get paid. They never compromise on their quality and sound. And whereas original content is concerned, that should never be compromised in terms of quality either.

10. Corporates are very active in using music as a medium to connect with the audiences. How do you see their role in revolutionizing Pakistani music? 

I’m glad to see brands sponsoring festivals and musical evenings and gigs. It’s very important. It had been lost a while back and I’m very happy to see that the music scene has improved so much through these corporates financing and support, whether it’s a  musical evening for their employees, or sponsoring a video or a musical festival. 

11. How is your relation with your fans? 

I try to be responsive as much as possible. And I love all my fans. Even the creepy ones πŸ™ˆ. They all love me and I appreciate them supporting And liking my music. 

alycia dias pakistani singer

12.  Most of the musicians have moved into acting. Do you have any plans of working in a movie or a serial? 

I don’t know about dramas (maybe/maybe not) but hell yes! I love acting. Don’t know if I can act for nuts πŸ™ˆ but yeah I would! 

13. If you could name 3 Pakistani musicians as your inspiration, who would you choose?

Waqar Ali, Strings Band, & Ali Azmat.
14. If you are given a chance to perform anywhere in the world, where would you like to perform? 

Everywhere in the world.
15. What makes you angry? 

Logon ka meri life me poke karna. And getting up early in the morning. Being disturbed while I’m listening to music. And a few more.

16. What makes you happy? 

I make me happy 😝. And shopping 😝. Especially when I know I shouldn’t. But then it makes me guilty too 😝

17. Your guiltiest pleasure. 

Cartoon Network (Adventure time , we bare bears and Doraemon 🀣)

18. Your favorite place to hang out. 

Mera apna ghar🀣

19.  If you were a musical instrument, which one would you be and why? 

This is a tough one... I guess a flute. It’s very sweet in terms of sound. And variates. In depth.

20. Any fan memory.

have many inappropriate social media ones 🀣. But some anonymous person keeps sending gifts to my house. Especially during my birthday. Strange and scary. But .. considerate .. I guess 🀣

21.  Please give a small message for your fans. 

If you want something, get your butt moving and work for it, what people think doesn’t matter And don’t be too quick to judge. 

We hope you love this interview as much as we did! If you haven't already, enjoy this beautiful song Khushfehmiyaan in Alycia's soulful voice 😊


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