Happy Birthday Natasha Khan - Badhaiyaan De Ye Dil Kamla

Wishing a very Happy Birthday to our very own Natasha Khan, the girl with a dulcet voice. Ever since she made her return to the mainstream on Coke Studio Season 9, her popularity has been skyrocketing. Dil Kamla with Faakhir has been a fan-favorite since its release and why not, her melodious voice just oozes into the hearts of the listeners. Season 10 proved to be even bigger for Natasha as she just blew everyone off with her scintillating performance in Yo Soch with none other than the Prince of Pop, Ali Zafar.

natasha khan pakistani singer

Those who have been following her work from the very beginning know how she made her debut with her song Aag released in 2005 that became an instant hit.
Her on and off performances for Telefilms and OSTs kept giving the fans some glimpses of her immense talent and caliber as an artist. It would not be wrong to say that she's the one who should be highlighting Coke Studio not because she's pretty, but she's actually a talented singer with a pure voice. Her ability to sing in various languages makes her one of the finest artists in Pakistan. Not to forget she has the credit to her name of being the first female qualified sound engineer of Pakistan!

natasha khan pakistani singer with ali zafar and strings

Since Natasha is back in Pakistan and already doing a number of projects, we are quite thrilled to see what she has in store for us. Recently, she has also collaborated with Tamasha Band and the song is expected to release soon. Till then, let's all wish her a very Happy Birthday and enjoy the song that marked her debut to the industry.


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