Muniba Mazari & Haroon Stole The Show With Dil Se Pakistan

On August 14, 2017, Pakistan will celebrate its 70th Independence Day. It is certainly a historic moment for all of us and we really cannot wait for the day to come. To celebrate the day in patriotic fashion, Haroon has released a beautiful rendition of his own song Dil Se Maine Dekha Pakistan along with fellow artists.

Named as Dil Se Pakistan, some minor changes have been made in the original composition but they are sounding sweet. Some of the best things about this version are the fusion of different artists having diverse singing styles and the presence of Muniba Mazari.

Muniba Mazari's singing skills need no introduction. She has the voice of a nightingale and when she starts singing, time literally stops. Muniba Mazari has added charm to the song and her presence in the star studded video feels really pleasant. The way she has effortlessly sung the song speaks volumes of her immense singing talent.

Javed Bashir started the song with his signature Sargams and gave the song a completely new feel. His raw voice adds some folk element to the song. Javed and party are well complemented by Farhan Bogra of Khumariyaan with his Rubab.

The video also features Aakif Azeem who is a survivor of the Army Public School Peshawar in a lead role. Overall the concept of the video is terrific, where people are celebrating a festival and the artists are performing on stage for them. This rendition of Dil Se Pakistan is certainly the biggest gift all the Musicians of Pakistan could give to the nation.

Haroon, one of the pioneers of pop music in Pakistan, is known for composing heartwarming melodies and this rendition is certainly the best song to come out right before the independence day.

Here is the video of the song all wrapped in the colours of Pakistan:


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