Levis Live Session 5 - Rizwan Anwar, Jal & Shiraz Uppal Enthralled the Audience

Dekho Dekho Kon Aaya, Levis Live Session 5 Aaya.

The famous quote of the great Bob Marley, "One Good Thing About Music, When It Hits You, You Feel No Pain", perfectly elaborates the energetic and exciting Levis Live Session 5. Session 5 hit the town and people were left in awe. After 4 highly successful sessions of Levis Live, the stage was set for the Session 5 featuring some of the finest talents of the country. This session featured the soulful Rizwan Anwar, the seasonal Jal the Band, and the maestro Shiraz Uppal.
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Rizwan Anwar opened the show with the song Laiyan Laiyan and
made the crowd swinging to his soulful voice. The Nescafe Basement sensation made sure that the audience enjoys every bit of his performance. He truly is an emerging talent with loads of potential and a beautiful voice to compliment all the magic he unfolds on stage. He set the foundation for a thrilling night which the later performers carried to the next level.
rizwan anwar musician of pakistan

The moment everybody was waiting for came when Goher Mumtaz along with his band Jal came on stage. Seeing him perform live made us realize how Jal has survived even after two breakups. The powerhouse & the founder of the band, Goher Mumtaz kept the energy going and everybody could feel it. He sang some of the famous numbers like Dil Haray, Aadat and many others which made the audience hopping and headbanging. Talking exclusively to us Goher stated his happiness, "Oh, this has been amazing. I loved performing here. The crowd was fantastic, the arrangements, lights, sound; everything was just perfect".
goher mumtaz musician of pakistan

Shiraz Uppal, the highlight of the show was also a joy to watch. Shiraz Uppal capitalized on the foundation laid by Rizwan and Goher by entertaining the audience with his famous numbers and a few covers.

Levis Live Session 5 was a celebration of 501 Day by Levis. One person who truly deserves lots of appreciation for putting up such a fine show is none other than Hammad Sohail - The Head of Marketing Levis. Hammad and Levis, in particular, are trying to revive the lost live music culture and with such efforts, things will change and are changing.

Session 5 was all about stars coming down to the earth and illuminating the event. Many prominent names in the music and fashion fraternity attended the glorious event. Ali Noor, Mandana Noor, Ali Hamza, Bilal Khan, Asfar Hussain, Uzair Jaswal, Maria Unera, and Hasan Omer were some of the noticeable names who made their presence felt. A huge shout out to Uzma Rao of Native Rock for brilliantly handling the PR and Farhad Humayun for the terrific sound and lighting arrangements. Both of them have been great hosts for 5 consecutive sessions.
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Session 5 came to a close with countless surprises and dream collaborations. Farhad Humayun paid heartfelt tribute to the legend Chris Cornell which was applauded by everyone present. With the successful ending of Session 5, expectations have run higher for the next one. Only time will tell what is in store for us. 


  1. Shiraz Uppal was not eye catching to be honest. After watching the live videos, I must say Rizwan Anwar is something to look up to in the coming years. Jal was amazing as always! Rock on Levis

  2. Sorry but Gohar doesnt even know how to sing. He's just cashing upon Atif Aslam's and Farhan's songs... Rizwan was great and ofcourse Shiraz Uppal is my all time favourite...

    1. No offenses, but just in case you don't know, Goher was the man behind all those hit songs including Aadat, Wo Lamhey, and others. Atif is great as a singer but Goher deserves credit for all the good work he has done and is doing.

  3. Faria the songs were always been composed by goher. He is the man behind the fame of jal and the ex members who are now catching his songs in all of their concerts. No doubt atif voice is exceptional but man behind aadat woh lamhey dil harey rango mein sajni.... And the list goes on is non other than goher. So appreciate what has he done for the music industry and enjoy good music...... Cheers

    1. Yes! We all should enjoy Pakistani music and avoid conflicts and arguments :)

  4. Shiraz Uppal ❤️ My teenage Crush ��


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