Levi's Live Session 4 - The Mighty Debut of Ammar Farooki and Awe Inspiring Performance of Uzair Jaswal

Levis Live is taking the nation by storm and for all the good reasons. The highly awaited first session of 2017, Session 4 has not only managed to live up to the expectations but has raised the bar to new heights. Levis Live is all about surprises packed with mesmerizing music. Session 4 was no different and featured the highly talented Ammar Farooki and the heartthrob Uzair Jaswal.

Ammar Farooki made a sensational debut and his power packed performance showed he is here to stay for long. His music depicts his hard work and his determination. Ammar is a skillful singer, terrific songwriter, and a fantastic musician from Lahore. He has been working on his first album for the last 5 years. All his songs are based on his experiences he gets from travelling. He opened the show and performed his originals with immense feel and emotions. Ammar had an ideal debut with some of the biggest names playing with him. He had Sarmad Ghafoor on the bass, Farhad Humayun on the drums and Diane Desobeau on piano. His performance was a joy to watch and a treat to the ears. 
Excitement got bigger when Uzair Jaswal got on stage and then there was no stopping energy growing out of control. Uzair sang his originals from his debut album Na Bhulana along with his previous hit songs. The way he connected with the audience was something that defines a true Rock Star. He ended his performance with his super hit song Tere Bin which left everyone in awe. Uzair Jaswal was well complimented by the talented musicians of Nescafe Basement. 
Levis Live, as we all know is a star-studded night. Session 4 was attended by some of the biggest names in music and fashion fraternity. The guests included Munib Nawaz, Dino Ali, Anoushey Ashraf, Daniyal Zafar, Momina Mustehsan, Maria Unera Fatima Qureshi, Hasan Omer and many others. A huge shout out to Native Rock's Uzma Rao for making sure that the night shines bright with stars in the new house of music, Riot Studios. 

No party at Riot Studios is complete without additional surprises. After the main performances came to a close, began a series of surprises. Farhad Humayun, Daniyal Zafar, Maria Unera, Rizwan Anwar, Ammar Farooki jumped on stage and reminded why Pakistani musicians are the best on this planet. They performed different songs and it was like a cherry on the cake. The night, although came to a close but gave a lot of memories to cherish until the next session. 
At the end of the show, Diane expressed her gratitude and said “Playing at Levis Live was a beautiful experience. I feel really lucky to have been able to perform in such a great venue, in the presence of music lovers and friends. The crowd's energy was uplifting - as was the company on stage! I am really grateful for having the opportunity to participate in this adventure. It was all great fun - especially the impromptu jam session with a whole range of talented musicians after the show. Pakistan needs more of this!’
Talking exclusively to Musicians of Pakistan, Farhad Humayun said, "This is literally the best Levis Live session we had till date. Levis Live is eliminating the boundaries and this time we had an international touch as well. I think this will grow further".

Levis Live Session 4 may have ended but the fun has just begun. We cannot wait to see what more Levis Live has in store for us, All we can do is sit back, relax and enjoy the beautiful tracks of Levis Live. This is how music sounds like.