Yaar Yaaron Se - A Dream Collaboration

Atif Aslam and Ali Zafar are two of the brightest stars on the music skies of Pakistan. They are the ultimate vocal power houses that can charge up the entire world with their soulful and powerful voices. Each of them have a unique identity and a very distinguished style of singing and when this duo came together some years ago at Standard Chartered Musical Night, they literally set the stage on fire with the audience asking for more.

Recently, Sahir Ali Bagga the maestro who is famous for his mesmerizing and heart touching compositions, brought these two high profile singers together for a Defence Day song that made the day more special. The song is dedicated to friendship, love, brotherhood and peace. The fact that Atif and Ali are real life friends, added more feel in their voices.
The song is masterfully composed that have all the energy, thrill and enthusiasm required in such type of song.

The song starts in unplugged style and picks up pace in amazing fashion that sounds really nice to the ears. Here is the video of the song:

The song is an ISPR presentation and like always, the armed force of Pakistan does not disappoint the nation and gave a beautiful gift in form of Yaar Yaaron Se Hon Na Juda, a dream and a much awaited collaboration that brought the fans of both the singers on the same page. They both performed it together in GHQ Rawalpindi that also won the appreciation of Gen. Raheel Sharif along with every one present in the event.

This song also proved why these two superstars are the biggest pop singers in the country at the moment. Their popularity is sky high and Sahir Ali Bagga knows it really well. For all our readers, news is that both these singers are up on a complete music album that will be released nationwide soon. If one song can make waves of success, imagine how much a full album will achieve.