In Conversation with Zain Peerzada - Takatak Band

Zain Peerzada is a Pakistani musician and plays with the band Takatak.We in Pakistan have a rich history of having some mind blowing music bands from the very beginning. Some bands prevailed while many split up but in recent times if there is one band that has the skill, the charisma and the energy that charges up all the audience they perform in front of, it is only Takatak, the Metal Band. Allow me to quote what the band say about themselves“Takatak may be young, but they have talent and more importantly conviction and ambition, as shown by their recent live demo featuring live instruments – a first for a Pakistani metal band since the early days of Dusk and the other pioneers”.

We got in touch with the scintillating guitarist of the band Mr. Zain Peerzada for a short interview. The guy is the firepower of the band and performs with full energy and the magic he unfolds on stage is beyond imaginations. Here’s the conversation we had with him.

Tell us a bit about your band name?

We like food, and we try not to sound too pretentious.

What motivated you to pursue music as your career?

It was never a question of pursuing it as a career, per se. I think all of us just wanted to make music that we enjoyed playing and listening to, and we wanted people to hear it. That’s all there is to it.

Pakistani audience is not very appreciative towards something new, like when Rock n Roll was first introduced by the Barbarians in 1988, people did not like their music. How is your experience in this regard and how the response has been so far?

Metal in general is such a jarring style of music, that it’s hard for most people to be able to enjoy it. Even though most people don’t understand what we’re playing at live shows, or what we’re trying to say, we do enjoy a niche following that’s pretty loyal.

How do you see the scope of Metal in Pakistan?

There is no scope for metal in Pakistan. The scope of music in general is so very bleak, so talking about metal is fairly redundant and pointless. Things need to change here before art can flourish properly.

Many people believe metal is just noise and screams. What is your message for those people?

It’s pointless, forcing things on people. If they don’t enjoy metal because they feel its noise, it’s probably true. Haha. Music is very subjective. I find most of EDM to be noise, but that might not make it true. To each his own.

How difficult is for new musicians to make their name and make music comparatively to the previous musicians?

Making a ‘name’ for yourself in music should never be the reason for you to pursue music. With that being said, it’s barely hard for an artist to be known, especially in Pakistan. As for making music comparative with previous artists, I feel that’s something one shouldn’t be thinking when making their own music. Make what you like to hear. Don’t try to ‘beat’ what’s already being done, if that’swhat you meant.

You guys played in LMM 16 and the response was amazing, how do you see the role of such festivals for the betterment of music?

It was? Hahaha. That’s awesome! Festivals such as LMM need to keep happening. It’s a great way to get to know other musicians from other cities, as well as industry professionals to scout young talent.
Hopefully this will lead to future collaborations and tours as well between different bands and artists.

Do you think digital music platforms like Taazi and Patari can help music industry grow again?

Indeed. In today’s day and age, musicians can benefit highly by monetising the internet.

How do you see the amount of music talent in Pakistan and what can be done to give projection and exposure to their talent?

There are tons of talented people releasing music from all over the country at this point in time. All anyone can do is keep pushing their music out through social media, so they can reach newer audiences. If a band has a small body of work, they should make an Electronic Press Kit and send it out to labels, tour companies and festivals. Who knows, right?

Do you guys intend to release a complete studio album in near future?

Yes, we do. We don’t know when, though. We’re currently mixing our debut EP called ‘Out of Something’. It consists of four songs and it had to be recorded 3 times over, since we were going for a live drum sound rather than a drum machine. All the members of the band at this time work full time, and it gets harder to take out time and write/record songs. We’re working towards finishing this instrumental EP up, and then we’ll see where it goes. We’re working with a singer right now for the next album. It could be years, though. There’s no rush.

Our music is often compared with our neighbors, where do you rate our music?

We have tons of talent, but there’s still a lot of groundwork that has to be laid. Besides, I don’t believe in rating music. There are super talented bands on both sides of the border. India might have more bands that function like professional entities since there is a much stronger infrastructure over there.

Which band gives you some tough competition or which band do you consider as your competitors?

We don’t believe in competing. It isn’t a race. We’d be a law firm if we were into that sort of thing.

How do you see the future of our music industry?

Bleak, for the most part. There’s no knowing, the way things are going. That rhymed.

Who is your biggest music inspiration?

Hmm… For me personally? Karnivool. Everybody in the band has such diverse likes and inspirations.

What is your most favorite venue to perform?

Peeru’s Cafe. Maybe I’m just biased, but it’s a cool ass place to gig at.

How is your relation with your fans? Can you recall any fun memory with them?

I don’t know… Hahaha. Our ‘fans’ are mostly friends, or people we know. We don’t talk much on stage, and they don’t talk much to us. It’s pretty chill, hahaha.

What suggestion would you give to some young musicians thinking about doing some metal music? From where should they begin?

Tons of practice, especially if you’re into more technically inclined metal. But just generally, people who’re aspiring to do anything just need to be committed if they want it bad enough. I don’t know, just work hard.

Any intentions to work in Movies or Serials like many other musicians?

Nope. Wouldn’t mind making jingles and background scores for some $$$. Not under the bands name, though. Haha.

Your favorite cuisine.

Takatak. Duh.

Les Paul or SG?

SG all the way.

Your favorite guitar chord and scale.

Tune down to C and dj0nt some 000000000000’s.

Slash or Jimi Hendrix.


Nescafe Basement or Coke Studio. And why?

Both have their moments, some great, and some not so great. That’s all I’ll say.

Your message for your fans and our readers.


Must say, Zain is also an intellectual person besides being a terrific musician. Best wishes for him and his amazing band and hopefully, we will listen more from them in future. Hope you guys enjoyed the conversation, happy reading.


  1. Hey, i love these guys since I saw them at LMM performing live. How can I meet them? please help

  2. I love the faces he makes on stage :P

  3. His band needs to promote themselves, they have a lot of potential but they are not progressing the way they can. Good interview though, best wishes to him. Keep rocking Zain.

    1. Thanks for the love! Promotion, specially in this country, costs a lot of money. All we can do is make sure the EP sounds kick ass and throw it out there haha

  4. You should have talked more about guitar effects and processors, future plans and more. Nevertheless, nicely interviewed.

    1. We should do another one, where I run all the gear down that we use in the studio and onstage. It'll help, if you're looking for a performing/recording rig. Bug the guy who interviewed me! :D

    2. Hahaha...would love to do another one :p

  5. Just navigated from here to their soundcloud and found some kickass metal songs. make more brother!

  6. One of the best bands to come out in the country.

    The entire band is amazing.


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