In Conversation with Ace Guitarist, Asad Ahmed

Pakistan Music Industry has always been rich in producing iconic musicians and guitarists, Amir Zaki, Asad Ahmed, Faraz Anwer, Sarmad Ghafoor, Goher Mumtaz are some golden examples to prove this point.

Asad Ahmed is a Pakistani guitarist and musician

This time we got in touch with the best of the lot, Mr. Asad Ahmed for a short chit-chat session. Although he needs no introduction, for all our readers, it is our privilege to introduce Mr. Asad Ahmed, who has been a part of some of the most popular and super hit songs in the history of our music industry.
Asad has done extensive session work contributing his guitar work and compositions to albums by Vital Signs, Ali Haider, Najam Sheraz, Haroon, Sajjad Ali and Rahat Fateh Ali Khan to name a few. His diversity as a musician is divine. Even after having a tough schedule, he was kind enough to answer all our questions. Here’s a little conversation we had with him.

1.       What actually motivated you to pick up guitar? Was it the love for your brother who left for college or your passion?

Passion is what made me pick up the guitar. It was my brothers Yamaha electric. First song I learned was Smoke on the water by Deep Purple. I was 16 yrs old J

2.       You created history in Pakistan’s Music Industry by forming the first ever Rock Band of Pakistan. What in your view was the reason Barbarians could not achieve as much as they should have according to the potential?

Well for starters we were kids and had no idea what we were doing in 1988. All we hoped for was that we could play enough gigs to initiate the masses into our Rock n Roll dream. For 2 yrs we did just that.

3.       Awaz is regarded as the best pop band of the 90’s and Haroon still recalls his association with you as the best period of his music career. How was your experience with Awaz?

Awaz was a real fun time for me because it was the start of music becoming a business… something I never knew about. I learned fairly quickly along with Haroon and Faakhir how to sell myself to the public.

4.       You have been a part of almost all the popular bands of Pakistan in the likes of Junoon, Vital Signs and Awaz etc. Which band was the most joyful to work with?

All of them because they represented different challenges. Also it was important to diversify my vision as to what genres of music I would be associated with and enjoy.

5.       Who was your inspiration as a guitarist?

I grew up listening to the great 70’s guitar players like Ace Frehley, Eddie Van Halen, Billy     Gibbons, Jimmy Page, Joe Perry, David Gilmour and Ted Nugent. And many more but these are my faves.

6.       Late 90’s and early 2000’s were the peak years for Pakistan’s Music Industry and it started declining later on. What in your opinion is the main reason for it except piracy?

I believe that Pakistani media killed the music industry by allowing more Indian content and refusing to nurture new talent. Kids looking to get into music today have a tough road ahead.

7.       Do you think Digital Music Platforms can help Pakistani Music Industry grow again?

Yes if we can make people understand that making music actually costs bands/singers money so DON’T DOWNLOAD FOR FREE!!! PAY for it!

8.       Some people believe that quality of music being produced in Pakistan is not as great as it was during the peak years. What do you think about it?

Nescafe basement and Coke Studio have proven that theory wrong. Love all the new kids getting into the industry…some will survive and most won’t that’s just the way it is unfortunately.

9.       It has become a trend now and musicians have started acting in movies and serials. Have you been getting some offers?

No offers and I wouldn’t want to do that either. Sound-tracking
a film I would love to do. Infact I have done a few of those with Ali Zafar for his Films.

10.   How do you see the amount of music talent in Pakistan and what can be done to give projection and exposure to their talent?

We need record companies that actually nurture artists. I also believe that its time to go international and I don’t mean just India…yes its great to be Pakistani and from the sub-continent but there is a whole wide world out there which will embrace you with open arms and legs. Why limit yourself to one market…foolish!

11.   Can your fans expect some good news in shape of new singles or a complete album?

Yes I have a new album ready. It’s an instrumental album with 12 tracks and I am really excited about it. As I get a release date I will post it on my website

12.   Who do you think can be the next Asad Ahmed for Pakistan?

Hopefully the new kid who dreams big. If you can dream it you can do it!

13.   How do you see the future of our music industry in particular?

It is in decent shape…but like I said dream big and go where there is a market for your music. Do not be afraid to step out of the box.

14.   Your favorite cuisine.

Dal Chawal

15.   Your most favorite venue to perform at.

Been all over the world but I have to say playing Wembley Arena in England doesn’t suck! Done it 8 times with various bands/singers.

16.   Can you recall any fun memory with your fans?

I love meeting the fans… Karavan did a special one night only gig at the BRC in KHI a few years ago where we did a Q&A with fans and then played a set of songs they wanted to hear. It was a fun night.

17.   Ali Zafar or Atif Aslam. Who is the best singer?

Both are good in their own right.

18.   Your favorite guitar chord and scale.

An A chord through a Marshall stack will do just fine J

19.   Bass or Lead Guitar.

Lead Guitar anytime!

20.   Please give a little message for your fans and readers.

Thank you for all your support over the years (27 years and counting!!) Dream dream and dream some more…once you wake up go out there and make those dreams a reality.

Being so successful and so humble at the same time are the traits of a great artist and Asad Ahmed is a true depiction of how an artist should be. People of his caliber are born in centuries. He is the pride of Pakistan we can proudly say, Asad Ahmed Hamaray Hain (Asad Ahmed is ours). 


  1. Asad Ahmed is truly better than Amir Zaki...Amir did not justify his talent and he does not have much songs to his name. Asad Ahmed has done amazing work and he showed his caliber which is sky high. Best talent he is in the country.
    Loved the conversation.

  2. he is a beast guitarist, also he has a long history with Haroon so I love him

  3. Asad is the best of all, I remember his Rock n Roll songs and they were awesome.


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